Why We Code

There once was a time when there were no end-users.

In the late 70s, computers had been around for decades, but they could only be used by highly skilled technicians who spoke incomprehensible magic.

Then, in the late 70s, a few visionaries had an idea: Maybe, if "mere mortals" were given the right user interface, they could use a computer. Maybe computers could have a place in the world of every-day consumers! History of course shows us that they were right, but at the time, this was a radical idea, met with great skepticism.

Today, personal computing has become status quo, but there is still a wall down the middle of the industry, a barrier that divides the consumers of software from the producers of software. We call it the user/developer divide.

This wall between users and developers represents a massive liability for the planet, and a tremendous bottleneck for innovation and creativity.

At Aquameta, we build software in service to a future where everyone has access to the full power of computing. We see the possibility for a tremendous explosion of opportunity when the wall comes down. We await this day eagerly, and are doing what we can to bring it closer.


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We make software, and give some of it away. You can find these offerings on github.


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